Fishing in Kenya

Why Us

Honestly, we are not the only supplier for fishing trips in Diani Beach. This paradisiacal area attracts more tourists year after year who are looking for more relaxation and many companies have discovered that this is a good thing to earn some money. They opened bars, hotels, cottages, boat tours and yes, even fishing trips to get a piece of the pie.
JaquelineAll these companies are not held to bring to you a unique holiday, but to make a profit. Tourists bring money into the country and they try to make sure that it stays here.
We at the Blue Marlin Fishing Club are different. We are not a charitable organization, but our club lives of our passion for fishing. We would spend our days and nights on the sea, even if we would not have the great chance to get to know the many travelers and enjoy the trip with them. The idea to form the Blue Marlin Fishing Club came long before the idea to open it for commercial purposes of tourism and to let a limited number of still unknown people on board of our fishing boat.
We are delighted that our everyday life is so broken up by the acquaintance of many people from different countries and that we get the opportunity to share our fishing skills and local knowledge to someone who enjoys it.
The contact with people is our priority and we do our best to share our deep admiration for the sea with our guests.What a beauty !
If you are with the Blue Marlin Fishing Club, you never are a paying customer, but a more than welcome guest.
If you want to explore the ocean and would like to hunt a powerful big fish such as blue marlin, we are the perfect partner for doing so. We provide the boat, the necessary equipment and an experienced crew that will bring lots of fun and good humor on board to make your trip something very special.
While we cannot guarantee a capital catch, but we can promise you that we influence the odds to your favor and offer you an instructive, exciting and action-packed day, adorning your holiday and making it to something very special.
Put your trust in us as many others already did. We will not disappoint you!
We hope that we can meet you soon and have a great day on out boat.